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On behalf of Harvesting Hope, Inc and Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Title I Migrant Education Program, we are inviting you to make a difference in the lives of our migrant students and families in the South Dade area. As a result of farm labor and constant mobility, migrant children suffer from attendance problems, language barriers and educational setbacks. Other factors such as low income and low self-esteem further aggravate the emotional, social, and educational growth of a migrant child. As we strive to assist migrant children and their families in achieving success both educationally and socially, we recognize that it takes a village.  Through referral services which include health, housing, nutrition, and academic assistance, we aspire to bridge the gap for these families. However, it is through the help and cooperation of donations such as yours that we can provide migrant families with necessities that are fundamental for the learning process. Thank you in advance for harvesting hope for a better future for our migrant students. See link below for secure contribution through PayPal or Checks can be  made payable to Harvesting Hope Inc. and mailed to 16200 SW 285 ST Homestead 33033. Our 501(c)(3) Tax ID number is 81-3912121.



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